Beth Greenaway

Congenital heart patient. Best-selling author. Entrepreneur. Motivational seaker

“I firmly believe that everything happens as it is supposed to! Whereas on the face of it, it may look like my life has been filled with challenge and adversity, these events have shaped me into the person that I am. I would not want my life to be any other way.”

My Story

Born with congenital heart defects, I have had three open heart surgeries plus a catheter valve replacement, a stroke which left me blind in one eye and a life threatening heart infection which saw me hospitalised for several months of 2017.

Not one to let these details hold me back, I have spent much of the last 30 years running my own fitness business, working predominantly with those living with long-term health conditions.

A keen athlete and outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy triathlon, cycling, surfing, hiking, kayaking, and pretty much any activity which involves moving my body.

In recent years, health challenges have slowed me down, so I have spent time writing a book which became an Amazon Best-Seller in May 2018. I have also grown the Upbeat Warrior support community for those living with significant long-term health conditions, and will soon be adding a podcast and membership site to bring even more of us together. 

My Values & Beliefs

Adversity makes us stronger

Adversity is an inevitability. Although I do not welcome it, I know that it gives me the opportunity to learn, grow and develop as a person. Only through facing hardship and coming out the other side, can we truly live to our fullest potential.

We are always in charge of our thoughts

All negative emotions come from within. It is not what happens to us, but the meaning which we attach to it, which controls the outcome. We always have the ability to decide how we interpret our lives – from a place of fear, anger and frustration, or one of acceptance, grace and fortitude.

Even in our darkest moments, there is a positive

It is easty to dwell on what we have lost when we are enduring hardship, but it is better to focus on what we can gain. Every life experience (good or bad) has the ability to teach us something, and these lessons are more easily learned when things are not going our way.

My Approach

I refuse to let my life be defined by my medical history.  It would be all too easy to use it as an excuse for not following my dreams or pushing my boundaries, thus allowing myself to live in fear of the ‘what if’s’ in life. If my experience has taught me anything it is that life is short, and you don’t get a second chance.

I love my work but have always been aware that my ability to spread my message was generally restricted to people who could access my Plymouth studio. When that closed in 2019 due to my heath issues, I knew there are so many more people who  could benefit having a support network of likeminded people who share the ups and downs of living with a long-term health condition. One of the biggest challenges of poor health is that it can leave us feeling isolated, anxious and alone, and I knew I could go some way to solving this.

When I was lying in hospital in May 2017, the idea for Upbeat Warrior was born, with the objective to bring together a community of people, all living with a variety of long term health conditions, looking to grow, learn, evolve and ultimately support each other.

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