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One of the big challenges when living with a chronic health condition is learning how to manage our mindset to enable us to stay positive in the face of uncertainty. We all have different obstacles to face, but share a common bond which brings us together so we can learn from and support each other.

My diagnosis does not define me

Adversity is not my greatest weakness, but my biggest asset

I can’t always control what happens to me, but I can decide how I react

I will not give in to self-pity or negativity, but instead fill myself with perspective and gratitude

I value the gift of life, so do my best to nurture my body with optimal nutrition, exercise and wellness habits

The only certainty in life is that I will eventually die. What happens between now and then is up to me

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The Upbeat Warrior Membership helps active thrivers, living with chronic health conditions who want to go from feeling limited, uncertain, and worried to feeling empowered, connected, and resilient, so they can live their lives with confidence and hope.

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Learn about my best-selling book, Upbeat: Growing resilience and positivity in the face of medical adversity.


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I started the Upbeat Warrior community in mid 2018. Having been born with a long term health condtion, I have personal exerience of the many physical and mental challenges which we can face. My goal is to bring together a community of like-minded friends, all with their own story to tell, but the overall objective to share positivity and inspiration with each other.

Connection and community

Build online and perhaps face-to-face friendships with like-minded people who understand some of the issues which you face.


How to control the controllables. You may not be able to control your symptoms or prognosis, but you can control many other aspects of your health, fitness and mindset.

Inspiration and positivity

To learn from others about how they cope with similar health challenges, and the inevitable ups and downs it brings. 


Coaching and tools to help you better manage your health condition; from nutrition to exercise, symptom management, coping with uncertainty, recovering from surgery, pain management and much more.

Gratitude and perspective

This is your one life. Everyone has obstacles to face, but you choose how much they define you. Your future is about so much more than your diagnosis.


Time and time again I am asked what is takes to not only survive, but actually thrive when living with a long-term health condition.  At long last, with some help from the Upbeat Warrior tribe, I have out together a simple guide to help you answer the question ‘How do I bounce back from health adversity to lead a life I love’?

The answers are all here, from the basic principals to tips and ideas which you can put into action right away. 

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What members say about this community

Having been diagnosed with a rare, slow growing but incurable white blood cell cancer, I needed to be in touch with people. I found the related cancer contacts too ‘down beat’ for me and, being a positive thinker, needed an uplifting group to talk to and share experiences with. Upbeat Warrior fits the bill. There are weekly and monthly challenges to take part in if you want to, and Beth is fantastic at responding and bringing people together. I feel I have friends on Upbeat Warrior, so it is a space to vent when I need to where there is always someone to listen. We are going through this together and we are going through it ‘upbeat’.


I read Beth’s book while waiting to see a cardiologist at the Bristol Heart Institute and found it very helpful as I have an incurable, life limiting condition called cardiac amyloidosis. After seven months of chemo, a stroke, a fall causing a broken neck and a bout of flu and pneumonia, I was grateful to find Upbeat Warriors. It is fantastic to be able to share things with others who understand the issues people with long term illness face. However, more importantly, the group is made up of supportive, funny, entertaining people who strive to stay positive.


How do you remain ‘upbeat and a warrior’ you may ask? Well, I can help with that as, along with the rest of the Upbeat Warrior community, Beth has created a space of empowerment, of community spirit, of triumph in adversity, and of kindness with no judgement. We all have days when we are not upbeat, when we are lonely and need a friend, or times when we feel lost and hopeless, yet we only need to reach out to this group to see there is hope and a way forward. The most amazing part of the group is the positivity and the way, even though we all have chronic health conditions, we find the humour and fun in living. Thanks to Beth, we have our safe Upbeat space.


Upbeat Warrior Blog

13,290 miles to nowhere

In mid-February I reached a fitness goal I have been working towards for 11-months! Read the biggest lessons I learned about myself and how they might help you. 

A letter to my younger self

Life with a heart condition can be tough. Here I share a letter which I wish I could have shown to my 21-year-old self. Back then I had no idea that what I saw as an obstacle in my life was in fact my greatest asset. 

Who am I?

In short, I am Beth, a health and fitness expert, best-selling author, motivational speaker, congenital heart patient!

Favourite colour – Blue

Favourite food – Peanut Butter

Favourite movie – Shawshank redemption

I have spent the last 30 years working as a health, fitness and lifestyle coach, starting as a personal trainer but quickly developing a passion for working with people with long term health conditions – heart disease, cancer, respiratory problems, autoimmune conditions etc, and the mental health struggles which so often accompany a life-changing diagnosis. My own health journey has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to not just survive, but absolutely thrive when dealing with the medical, physical and emotional effects of living with a chronic illness. It is my mission to not only share my own in-depth knowledge, but also to build a platform and community in which others can do the same.